Unemployment figures drop to 6.6pc – lowest rate recorded since 2008

The unemployment rate dropped slightly in February to 6.6pc from 6.7pc the previous month, down from 8.4pc in February 2016.

The last time it was lower was July 2008, when it was 6.5pc, according to the Central Statistics Office.

The number of people unemployed was 145,100 in February 2017, down from 148,000 when compared to January 2017 figure.

This represents a decrease of 36,200 when compared to February 2016.

The youth unemployment rate also dropped from 15.1pc last month to 14.5pc in February.


At a glance 

*Unemployment rate was 7.1pc for men, down from 7.3pc in January 2017 and down from 9.9pc in February 2016

*Unemployment rate for women was 5.9pc, down from 6pc in January 2017 and down from 6.5pc in February 2016

*The number of men unemployed in February 2017 was 85,900 – a decrease of 1,900 when compared to the January 2017 figure of 87,800.

*In February 2017 the number of women unemployed was 59,200, a decrease of 1,000 when compared to January 2017.

*People aged 15-24 years (youth unemployment rate) was 14.5pc in February 2017, a decrease from 15.1pc in January 201


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