Older employees going to extremes to stay competitive for new roles

Ellie Donnelly


Almost 40pc of older employees say they have considered dying their hair, and 29pc say they are thinking about having their teeth whitened in order to stay competitive for new jobs.

The efforts to stay competitive were revealed by IrishJobs.ie, who found that nearly half of older workers feel that age might affect their changes of finding a new job.

Approximately two thirds of older employees are upskilling in order to stay relevant, according to the research carried out amongst 1,038 job seekers across multiple industries.

Other ways in which older employees are trying to stay competitive include going to the gym a lot more – cited by 40pc of those surveyed – while 64pc of respondents said that they were switching to healthier diet.

A quarter of older employees said they were considering giving up alcohol to stay competitive for new roles.

The research also found that one in four older employees believe they were passed over for promotion due to their age. As a result, 62pc of workers were apprehensive about looking for a new job, with 45pc of older employees planning to stay in their existing sector.

“While it’s illegal to discriminate against employees because of their age, it’s obvious that older jobseekers are concerned about how their date of birth will impact on their search for a new job,” Orla Moran, general manager, IrishJobs.ie, said.

“The reality, given the pension gap, is that the majority of us will all be working for longer so employers should do more to reassure older workers that their talent and experience are of value to them,” Ms Moran said.


Story courtesy of Independent.ie 


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