#Hired: How to land your next job

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If you have recently found yourself needing a new challenge, or unemployed, getting a new job can be hard work.

Employers are sent hundreds of applications for even the most junior position and it can be tricky trying to make yourself stand out from the crowd. After rejected applications and interview knock-backs, you can start to feel frustrated and worry that you’ll never get that dream job.

Not know where to start? Follow our guide on how to make employers take notice:

CV overhaul

The first step when starting your job hunt should be revamping your CV. Don’t send out the same stale CV with your Junior Cert results printed on the first page: note down the points highlighted in each job description and tailor your CV to match.

Cut out any boring fillers like your interest in reading, your bronze Gaisce award and your summer working in the local deli. Only include information that is relevant and keep it as short as possible.

Make sure to ask a friend to proofread your CV for grammar and spelling mistakes – just one typo and all your hard work ends up in the bin.


While you are looking for your next job, you should spend the time trying to upskill rather than slouching around the house watching Netflix. The best way to give yourself the edge on other candidates is to learn a new skill.


On the lookout

Rather than spending your days trawling through recruitment sites, take a job hunt shortcut. Look on Facebook for job groups in Ireland specific to your field: members post any relevant jobs they have spotted online and prospective employers often advertise upcoming vacancies in these groups.

Follow any companies you would like to work for on Twitter as they usually advertise any positions on their own social media channels first. You should also keep an eye on the Irish Job Fairy Twitter feed which is constantly updated with the latest jobs from all around the country.

Looking for a job outside of the big cities? The local newspaper is still the best place to look for vacancies.

Be proactive

Don’t wait around for your dream job to be advertised. If you have a particular role in mind but the company isn’t advertising any vacancies, why not contact the employer directly and ask to meet with them?

At the meeting, you will have a chance to meet your potential employer in person and make a strong impression. They might not currently have any vacancies but make sure to end the meeting by asking them to keep you in mind for any opportunities.

By being proactive and showing initiative, you should be top of their list when a vacancy comes up.


You are bound to suffer some setbacks along the way with unresponsive employers, unsuccessful applications and challenging interviews. When you get knocked back after an interview or failed application, most of us want to move on and forget it ever happened.

It is important to ask for feedback on why you didn’t get the job. Send a quick email thanking the employer for considering your application and ask for feedback on how you can improve.

This can help you to understand what went wrong and how you can improve for your next application.


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